Getting A Lot Of Gas ( Burps And...) The Burps Have A Funny Taste.( Like Hard Boiled Eggs, That I Haven't Had) Is It From Eating Something That Didn't Agree With Me ....Or Can It Be Something Medical Starting Up?


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There are a few dietary choices that can lead to a sulphur like smell (including some brands of beer) but I would check with a GP because if you're not eating these foods (eggs, etc) or drinking beer, it could also be hydrogen, which could mean the fats you're consuming aren't being digested and processed properly (most fats contain hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc).
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Thank U....It likely is a digestion problem, which I hope is very temporary !! Must've been that Ballpark food. I'll give it a few more days...then try the GP. I just got worried, coz I've been getting hit with all sorts of new problems out of nowhere, and I thought this was another one coming on..Thanks again.

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