What Is An Animagus?


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Animagus is a word that was introduced probably for the first time by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. An Animagus is a human being who can convert himself or herself into an animal at will. Animagi (plural of Animagus) must get themselves registered in the List of Animagi with the Ministry of Magic.

We see only one registered Animagus throughout the story that is, Professor Minerva McGonagall. But, as lawbreakers are everywhere, we see many unregistered and illegal Animagi too. For instance, we come to know of Moony (Professor Lupin), Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew-The Traitor), Padfoot (Sirius Black-Harry's Godfather) and Prongs (James Potter-Harry's Dad).

Lupin was a kid when he got a bite and turned into a werewolf. His friends turned themselves into different animals to give Lupin company while he was transformed, as werewolves cannot harm animals.

Peter turned into a mouse, Sirius into a giant black dog, and James into a Stag. As James and Sirius were very prone to breaking rules at school, it goes without saying that the three of them were illegal and unregistered Animagi. nother unregistered and illegal Animagus is Rita Skeeter, who turns herself into a beetle to spy at other people's conversations without being caught.
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An Animagus is a person who has the ablity to transform at will into any animal. It takes years to sucessfully perform this task and those who can are required to register themselves at the Ministry of Magic although that is not alway the case, example: Siris Black, James Potter, Rita Skeeter and Peter Pettigrew.
The animal you can turn into seems to be relevant to how you act or the perhaps what animal you resemble the most, just a theory. In the movies the characters often resembled the animals they were turned into or the animal had specific characteristics that that specific person needed to possess.

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