Who Is The Strongest Bleach Character And Why?


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I will name the top two in three Divisions.
Captains: Yamamotto and Aizen. Yamamotto is a given as he is the captain commander and is leader of all Soul Society. Aizen is close to if not equal or stronger as he is shown to be adept in kido using high level destruction spells without incantation, has a powerful zampakuto, and a strong reiatsu even by captain standards(twice that of a normal captain level shinigami).
Espada: Ulquiorra, Starkk, and Yammy. Starkk is the primera espada so he is a given. And once Yammy releases his number changes to zero but I doubt he can match that of starks released form, even so Ive included him. Ulquiorra is by far the strongest in overall power. He is very fast, has very strong hierro(iron skin), and is the 4th espada. Confused why? His unreleased form is not as strong as the others nor is is released form though he is obviously close to the 3rd espada at that point. But Ulquiorra has a second released stage that only he posseses that is so powerful that he kept it secret from Aizen. His reiatsu at that point is so strong that Ishida having seen Aizens reiatsu before in soul society coulnd compare it to anything he's felt before saying his power is to strong to be reiatsu but like an ocean of power.
Vizard: Ichigo and Shinji. Shinji is a former captain level shinigami who was once Aizzens commanding officer. He can use a hollowification to gain more power, speed, etc and is the leader of the Vizard. Ichigo is the strongest though being that he is constantly growing more powerful and is able to assume a full hollow transformation(though not in controll...yet). Captains have even said that he has tremendous reiatsu even by Captain standards.
So by these I will rank the strongest characters in order.
1.Ichigo(by potential)
2.Commander Yammamotto
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I think certain matchups can result in different winners, despite how powerful someone's spiritual pressure can be.  Aizen has the most spiritual pressure, but with shusuke amigai's ba-koto, he would probably get beat.  On the other hand ichigo owned him because he's a vizard with hollow powers, as are the espada.
1- aizen
2- yammamoto
3- shinji
4- ichigo
5- ulqueorra
6- starks
7- yammy
8- urahara
9- amigail
10-vizars in general
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I think..
Aizen(the king of hollows)
yamamoto (captain commander)
kurosaki isshin(ichigo's dad)
urahara kisuke(ichigo's trainer)
ichigo(thehero,subsitute shinigame,hollow shinigami,..)
byakuya(leader of kuchiki familiy)
kenpachi zaraki(monster)

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