How Much Does A Crayon Weigh?


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A crayon is basically a stick of coloured wax or chalk used for writing and drawing. Some crayons are made with an oil content and are called oil pastels. A simple pastel is made of pigment with a dry binder, while a grease crayon is made of coloured and hardened grease that is very useful for marking hard and glossy surfaces like porcelain and glass.

Wax crayons are mainly used for drawing and colouring. They are easy to work with and not at all messy like the water and oil based paints and markers. They are blunt, which removes the risk of sharp points that are synonymous with pencils and pens and most importantly, they are non-toxic. Crayons are available in wide variety of colours.

Soy bean oil can also be used to make crayons, but this is not very common. Some companies dedicated to the fine arts also manufacture water-soluble crayons. These crayons, with or without water, once applied display well mixed combinations. Melting points in crayons are 120°F or 40°C. Their weight is proportionate to the ingredients used in their manufacture and the size of the sticks. For example a water based crayon would weigh less that an oil based one and similarly, so would a smaller stick. Crayons are very versatile in use and extremely safe for children to give vent to their imagination.

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