How Can I Design A Free Logo?


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If you are really designing your logo yourself I would suggest that you use Adobe Illustrator as a software for this designing. Using Adobe Illustrator you will get Vector Logo which is multipurpose - can be enlarged without any resolution loss and is print ready.

If you want to use your logo only on your website and you don't have any other purpose then using Photo shop or paint is fine.
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There are tons of great ways to create a logo for free. First you need to consider if you are looking for a graphic or text based logo and what you are promoting with it. Then you can begin to brainstorm ideas on what to you want. Look over famous logos to get an idea of the style you like. After you have an idea of what you like, I recommend checking out some free services such as
Another idea to obtain a free logo is to create a contest on your favorite forum. I like Digital Point. Then offer services or something of monetary value in exchange for the logo.
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Designing a logo depends upon the quality and graphics you want. There are many ways in which you can design a logo for free. You can try designing a logo on your Microsoft Power Point or Microsoft Paint, incase if you want an entry level design. As technology is developing day by day, it is making your work relatively easy. You can use adobe photo shop to modify you're the logo you designed, with the help of this software you can add some good and high quality effects to your image.
Internet can help you get a logo for free. You can log on to any search engine to get free logo. There are lots of options available on search engines that may help you get a free logo for your self. You can even try a website if you know any and download or design logos for free. To make your work half done you can log on to or

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