Does The Colour "Khaki" Have More Than One Spelling?


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Khaki can be defined as A sturdy twilled cloth of a yellowish brown colour used especially for military uniforms. It is also known as khaki fabric. It is of yellowish brown color. There is no other way to spell it. It can only and only be spelled as Khaki and no more other way to spell it.
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Thanks for the responses.I didn't think so,unless there was a "Brit" way.:) I saw it spelled wrong on a website of a VERY FAMOUS prime time TV personality. I find so many typos in books,newspaper and such. I find these things unacceptable-esp with someone that kind of $$,exposure -should have a top notch staff to catch these things,not little old me.Wish I could get a job as a spelling proofreader! Thanks again
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The original spelling was karki.  It was named after the geographic loaction where the coloured

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No, there is only one way to spell it. Sorry.

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